How to create a new ASP.NET MVC web application in Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.

This guide will show you how to start a new project to create an ASP.NET MVC web application.

  1. Open Visual Studio by double-clicking on this icon in your start menu image1
  2. You will see this loading screen image2
  3. Once it has loaded, you will see the main window openimage3
  4. Click on File > New > Project…
  5. In the new project window, find the ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) option, give it a meaningful project name and click OK.image4
  6. A new window will open. Select the options as per the image below and click OK.image5
  7. You should see a new project being created for youimage6
  8. Done!image7

P Language

Some exciting news recently. Microsoft Research has announced more information about the P Programming language . Also, it is open source!

In case you are not familiar with P, this is a language for asynchronous event-driven programming. It allows you, the programmer, to specify the system as a collection of interacting state machines. Each of these state machines communicate with each other using events.

The really cool thing is that a P program can not only be compiled into executable code, but it can also be validated using systematic testing.

P was actually used to write and ship the USB 3.0 drivers in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. The design of P enables the detection and debugging of race conditions and Heisenbugs.  Especially in driver development. As it turns out Microsoft has been extensively using P for driver development in Windows for quite some time now.

Microsoft have open sourced this language and is available on GitHub:

I have also uploaded a quick news video about P here.