So who am I? I am TheSaneCoder!

That was not very helpful, was it…? Ok, I am a software developer and have been for over 15 years now. I have worked for multinational organisations in 5 different countries. I have also worked in a couple of small startup… none that have really taken off though.

And what do I do? Code! Architect and implement.

Code: I program in C#, Python, C++, and Java. (The order of that list is intentional! Java… Don’t like it but have to use it)

Architecture: Got a complex problem? You want a complex solution? I can architect that for you! Even better, I could even architect a simple solution for you! That’s what I do. I take problems and using technology, I will build a neatly design solution.

Implement: Once you have a solution that has been designed, and programmed (and tested of course!), I help implement it.

So, how do I do it? Coffee!

Lots and lots of coffee…

Interesting hey! What else do I do?

If you head over to YouTube, you can take a look at my channel, there I upload programming related news, tutorials and maintain a curated list of educational videos on programming.

Also, I contribute to open source projects on GitHub and also host some of my personal projects over there too. Feel free to stop by and check them out.

Do you want to get in contact with me?

Head over to Twitter @TheSaneCoder or you can email me through the Contact page.


So, that’s all you inquisitive buggers should need to know about me. If you want to know more check out the links to my YouTube, Twitter and GitHub.